We are Asian Americans who support reproductive justice for all in Virginia. All Virginians have the right to learn about their reproductive and sexual health, have access to safe, high-quality, and gender-inclusive health, sexual, and reproductive care, make healthy decisions about their bodies, their families, their communities, and more.

In 1994, Black women activists came up with the term “reproductive justice” to address concerns that the intersectional experiences of people of color, especially the Black community, were not considered in mainstream conversations about reproductive issues. The Reproductive Justice movement centers those most marginalized.

In the past years, our rights on abortion, contraception, reproductive, sexual, and gender-inclusive education have been challenged. Virginia is the last state in the South to still have abortion up to 26 weeks or third trimester.

We, at Hamkae Center, want Asian Americans to be informed, comfortable and empowered to learn, push back against the stigma that we cannot talk about our bodies, sex, and reproductive needs and concerns, and speak up for reproductive justice. We want our community to have access to these conversations in their own languages. We will stand up for reproductive justice within our communities. We will push for reproductive health and justice, because it is our right, regardless of race, disability, age, immigration status, income, gender identity, sexual orientation, and location. At Hamkae Center, we stand in solidarity with other marginalized communities of color in the Reproductive Justice movement.

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  • Support reproductive justice in Virginia
  • Be informed on updates on Reproductive Justice issues
  • Be invited to gatherings, events or actions related to Reproductive Justice
  • Be in community with other Asian Americans in Virginia
  • Be a force of power to ensure that our voices are heard at local and state level when it comes to Reproductive Justice!