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Rally for Our Voices, Our Education

By 14 November 2022No Comments

17 November 2022 at 11:30am EST; outside the Virginia Department of Education building (N 14th St. and Bank St. in Richmond, VA)

Students and teachers in Virginia K-12 public schools are in danger of having to use a history and social science curriculum that would set the Commonwealth back decades.

Despite having a first draft of the History & Social Sciences SOLs from the work of 200+ experts and feedback from thousands of Virginians, Virginia Department of Education’s Superintendent Jillian Balow and the Youngkin administration has delayed review of this draft 3️⃣x to prioritize a complete rewrite of the curriculum- without public input- by out-of-state actors known to have far-right political agendas. These new, rewritten standards are racist, factually incorrect, not age appropriate, and reflect explicit political bias. They intend to indoctrinate our youth with a white nationalist view of U.S. history, and they set up teachers and students for failure.

Students don’t need simple whitewashed history tales, they want honest and accurate lessons, and teachers need flexibility to teach their students. Join our rally outside the Virginia Board of Education’s next meeting on 11/17 to tell Youngkin and Balow that we want an education that reflects our voices and our communities. 

RSVP today!

If you’re down to tell Superintendent Balow to her face that you oppose the rewritten standards, sign up by 12pm on Wednesday (11/16) to testify in-person with us at this meeting. Public comment begins at 9am.

If you can’t attend, send a written comment to the Board by 9am on 11/17 using our pre-written template. It takes less than 5 mins!