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Extend validity of Driver Privilege Cards!

By 1 February 2024No Comments

Remember our immigrant justice win in 2020, in which we helped secure Driver Privilege Cards for undocumented Virginians? What if we told you that we can build off that life-changing victory THIS YEAR? 🤩

Driver Privilege Cards (DPCs) allow undocumented people to live their everyday lives and drive safely without fear of being stopped and deported. As Sunhee Choi, an undocumented Korean community member, shared: “a car is like legs to us.” 🚗

But while drivers licenses can be renewed every 8 years, DPCs must be renewed every 2 years- undocumented Virginians face 4x the burden of renewal. SB 246 and HB 1454 are sister bills that, if passed during this year’s General Assembly session, would extend the validity period to 7 YEARS!

Help make Virginian immigrants’ lives easier: tell your VA Senator and Delegate to SUPPORT SB 246 and HB 1454 TODAY ‼️

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