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2021 in Review

By 15 December 2021December 15th, 2022No Comments

Download PDF here. Transcribed below:


  • Passage of state legislation to expand state financial aid program eligibility to undocumented students
  • Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Employment Commission developed new multilingual phone lines (beyond English and Spanish)
  • Health services expanded to public health education, greater range of benefits applications/referrals, and Vietnamese language outreach
  • Contributed to an 8% increase in Asian American early voting turnout in 2021 elections from 2017 election
  • Published a comprehensive set of recommendations for state and local agencies to improve language access


“We have achieved healthcare [repealed 40 Quarters Rule], driver’s privilege card, financial aid for undocu-mented students and our voices are being heard through Hamkae Center. It is very challenging for us as undocumented immigrants and it would have been so much easier and faster if we learned about Hamkae Center and the fight for #Citizenship4All years ago.”

Impacted community member


  • 525 unique Asian American callers to the office
  • 238 individuals assisted with healthcare access or referrals
  • 103 individuals assisted with naturalization services
  • 5,902 multilingual texts sent to Asian American voters
  • $32K+ in individual giving this year
  • 410 exit surveys from Asian American collected


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