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Healing Circles to Process Anti-Asian Violence

By 1 March 2022August 8th, 2022No Comments

22, 23, and 28 March 2022 (varying times) on Zoom

The past few years have been intense for Asian Americans. We’ve witnessed and experienced violence (physically, socially, and systemically). We’ve made ourselves vulnerable, raised our voice, and demanded change in the midst of a global pandemic. We’ve lost friends, loved ones, opportunities, and old comforts to COVID-19. We’ve survived back-to-back, nonstop “historical events”. We’ve had heartbreaking conflicts with loved ones (and even ourselves), and forced ourselves to adapt to new “normals” almost daily.

Now, more than ever, it’s easy to feel isolated or overwhelmed. It might even be hard to process everything and figure out what to do next. But the comforting news is: many others feel the same way. And, although we face different challenges, we can face them together in solidarity and understanding. =

Hamkae Center is hosting 3️⃣ virtual Healing Circles in March to provide space for our Asian American community to lean on each other, process old and new wounds, and start patching them up together. These healing circles are facilitated by a wide range of Asian American mental health professionals with different specialties, skills, and expertise in community and individual healing.

Each session will have maximum 10 people.

What is a healing circle?
Healing circles are a safe and supportive space made of peers who walk with each other through challenging times and experiences. Each circle is a blend of sharing and silence, compassion, and curiosity. Everything said and discussed is confidential to honor our own unique paths to healing and respect the choices of others.

RSVP by 3pm on 3/12 at!